Navigating the insurance claims process can be a challenge, even for an experienced homeowner. If you’ve ever experienced a fire, flood, or hurricane damage in your Florida home, you’ll know that the recovery process can be complicated. Not only are you trying to pick up the pieces of your life, but you’re going through a stressful, emotional time.

The problems multiply if you’re dealing with losses to a condominium association or commercial property. You may have put years of hard work into your business, and now your livelihood is at risk.

If you’re dealing with the loss following a property emergency, here’s some encouragement: you don’t have to do it alone. A Florida public adjuster can help.


public insurance adjuster is a professional who specializes in making sure you get every dollar you’re entitled to receive from your insurance policy. Instead of working for the insurance company, they work to represent the best interest of policyholders like yourself.

A public adjuster handles your claim for you from beginning to end. They estimate losses and damages and negotiate with the insurance company to ensure you get a fair settlement. Florida public adjusters can also help you claim additional damages for a previously underpaid claim or even reopen a claim that was previously denied.

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