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Does your homeowners' insurance cover roof leaks? Year-round summer sunshine in South Florida might keep roofs drier than in other parts of the country. However, wind, a higher air salt content, and greater than average UV exposure, can leave Florida roofs more susceptible to leaks than elsewhere.

Sadly, settling insurance claims for roof leaks in South Florida isn’t as straightforward as you might think.

 As South Florida’s best public adjusters, we see it every day. Homeowners try to file claims for roof leaks. However, in many cases, leaks aren’t covered by insurers. At least not unless leaks are the result of severe storm damage

We are Roof Leak Insurance Claim Handling Experts

At Fast Public Adjusters, we offer expert claim handling support for South Florida homeowners affected by roof leaks.

Most insurers classify roof leaks that result from worn or aging roofs, as preventable. As they see it, if you were maintaining your roof properly, leaks wouldn’t happen in the first place. However, settling insurance claims for roof leaks is still possible under certain circumstances.

As it stands, your current home insurance policy might not cover roof leaks that home insurers consider preventable. However, it may still be possible to claim for resulting damage to the interior areas of your home affected by water ingress.

Why are We South Florida’s Best Public Adjusters?

At Fast Public Adjusters, we help South Florida homeowners claim successfully for roof leaks by meticulously analyzing your current insurance policy.  

  • We analyze home insurance policies free of charge to see if it is possible to make a claim.
  • If we are not successful in settling insurance claims for roof leaks, you won’t pay us a penny. 
  • At Fast Public Adjusters, we only hire the best public adjusters in South Florida.

As well as assessing the viability of claims, our office can draw on claim handling support from a wide range of other industry professionals.

  • We regularly seek settlement advice from leading local attorneys.
  • Our team includes former adjusters from some of South Florida’s biggest insurance companies.
  • We regularly file claims with the support of leading real estate professionals.
  • During claim handling, we consult with leading local roofing experts.

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Roof Damage Do’s and Dont’s


  • Do schedule roof leak repairs with licensed and bonded local roofing contractors as soon as roof leaks manifest.
  • Avoid using electrical switches and sockets in affected areas.
  • Isolate wiring in affected areas and attempt to use buckets and containers to collect incoming water.
  • Contact Fast Public Adjusters to start the insurance claim process.


  • Never attempt to repair a roof leak yourself.
  • Don’t touch electrical wiring, light switches, or sockets in affected areas.
  • Never delay roof leak repairs. Doing so will result in leaks worsening and may complicate insurance claims.
  • Do not attempt to climb onto your roof to inspect possible damage. (Unless you are suitably qualified.)
types of roof damage for insurance claims

What is a Roof Leak Insurance Claim?

Roof leaks occur for several reasons. Storms and high winds can rip away roof shingles, and compromise roof flashing and underlays. As roofs age, they also become more suceptible to leaks. This is even the case if you invest in regular roof maintenance.

Many South Florida insurers do not cover the cost of roof leak repairs when damage is not caused by storms. However, settling insurance claims for associated water damage to your home is often possible.

In every case, homeowners need to repair roof leaks quickly. When this isn’t the case, leaks can worsen and cause a host of secondary problems. These can range from everything from fire hazards (caused by water reaching home wiring) to toxic mold outbreaks. 

roof damage public adjuster insurance claim

What Happens When You Hire a Roof Damage Public Adjuster?

At Fast Public Adjusters, we strive to help you recoup the cost of roof leak repairs, as well as the cost of repairs to interior home areas affected by leaks.

In every case, we start by going over the details of your current home insurance policy. This allows us to identify what conditions will be necessary for any claim to be successful. 

  • After going over your current insurance policy, we dispatch a team of adjusters to visit your property and assess the scope of any damage you plan to claim for.
  • If your roof is still in need of repairs, we will connect you with local roofing contractor accordingly.
  • Most insurers will want to see proof that you took reasonable steps to prevent roof leaks before they agree to settle. This being the case, we will look at any maintenance records you have and your past claim history.
  • If you have filed claims with insurers previously, we validate whether or not you received a settlement that was fair and enough to cover the cost of past repair work.
  • Our adjusters use all evidence gathered to file claims with insurers that will cover the cost of current repairs, and force insurers to honor the terms and conditions of your current policy.
  • After insurers receive our demand sum, we begin the process of negotiating your settlement.


As a rule, the more information you can provide us with, the faster we can go about settling insurance claims for roof leaks. To assist with your claim, we will also need the following information before we can start the claim process: 

  • Policyholder information: Your insurance policyholder information. (Your name, your property address, contact details, and insurance policy number.)
  • Description of loss: A detailed description of damages you are claiming for. This should include the date and time that any damage to your property occurred
  • Authority notification: Details of any public authorities notified about damage to your property. (Local Police and Fire Departments, etc.)
  • Emergency service companies & damage mitigation: A list of any contractors you have already been in contact with to help you remedy damage to your property

Has a roof leak resulted in damage to your South Florida home? If so, our team at Fast Public Adjusters can help you receive the maximum settlement possible to cover the cost of repairs.

At Fast Public Adjusters. We can also help settle new claims, ongoing claims, and open up past claims that may have resulted in less than optimal payouts.

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