Every year, it seems as if some part of our beautiful state gets hit by a major hurricane. In the average year, the US suffers over $28 billion in hurricane damage, with more than half of that occurring in the state of Florida. And even greater than the financial costs are the potential costs in human life.

As the saying goes, “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. Don’t let your family or business face hurricane Dorian unprepared. Follow our hurricane prep tips, and you can weather this storm safely.


The National Weather Service projects that hurricane Dorian will make landfall Monday morning along the east coast of Florida on September 2 (Labor Day). At this time, it is still a tropical storm, but it is projected to be a category 4 when it makes landfall. This means that wind speeds are projected to be between 85 mph and 115 mph.

At this time, the storm is most likely to hit North Central Florida, although these projections do have a wide level of uncertainty. It could potentially hit as far north as South Carolina, or as far south as the Florida Keys. If you live anywhere in the path of this storm, prepare for the worst, and follow any evacuation orders from local authorities.


At this time, Floridians can expect to feel the effects of hurricane Dorian into Labor Day weekend. What does this mean for your plans?

It’s hurricane prep time.

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