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Does homeowners insurance cover mold remediation? As most South Florida homeowners know, home mold outbreaks can be deadly. Mold is also a surprising common nuisance. However, most Florida home insurers will only cover the cost of mold remediation under certain circumstances.

As a rule, a homeowner's insurance policy will cover mold damage remediation if mold outbreaks are the result of "covered peril" events.

By comparison, most South Florida home insurers will not cover mold damage resulting from the likes of preventable interior damp. However, there are some exceptions.

When Does Insurance Cover Mold Remediation?

At Fast Public Adjusters in South Florida, we offer expert claim handling support for homeowners affected by mold damage.

In most cases, Florida home insurers will not cover the cost of mold remediation, if they believe that outbreaks would have been preventable. This means that if outbreaks occur after flooding resulting from storms, insurers will pay for remediation.

However, if mold outbreaks occur due to poor damp proofing and home maintenance, most claims will be refused.

Thankfully, there are several ways that public adjusters like ourselves can be successful in settling insurance claims. Some home insurance policies do provide limited coverage for mold damage. Others allow policyholders to purchase special endorsements that cover mold damage claims.

Has mold taken hold in your basement or crawl space? If so, our team at Fast Public Adjusters can asses your policy free of charge to identify whether a claim you make will be successful.

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We are Mold Damage Insurance Claim Experts

At Fast Public Adjusters, we are very successful settling insurance claims for mold remediation, even when mold outbreaks are not the result of "covered peril" events.

  • Our adjusters and policy experts can analyze home insurance policies free of charge to see if a settlement is possible.
  • In the event that we are not successful settling insurance claims for mold damage, you won’t pay us a penny.
  • From start to finish, we take care of all claim handling in-house. (We never refer claims to third-party adjusters.)
  • At Fast Public Adjusters, we hire the best public adjusters in South Florida, many of whom have hands-on experience working for leading insurers.

When pursuing insurance claims for mold damage, we also leverage the support of a wide range of insurance industry experts.

  • We are often successful in settling insurance claims for mold damage, thanks to support from top local attorneys.
  • At Fast Public Adjusters, our team is made up of several former adjusters hailing from some of the biggest names in the insurance industry.
  • We regularly draw on support from top local real estate professionals when pursuing mold damage claims.
  • In every case, we source evidence supporting settlements from leading mold remediation experts.

Mold remediation in South Florida can cost homeowners several thousands of dollars. At Fast Public Adjusters, we can get insurers to cover costs, even when mold damage is not the result of "covered peril" events. Find out if you have a claim now by reaching out to one of our team!

Mold Damage DO’s and DONT’s


  • Do reach out to mold remediation experts to start planning clean up of affected home areas.
  • Make sure to avoid using home areas where mold is present, especially if you have children or existing health problems.
  • Ideally, try and vacate your South Florida home completely until mold damage remediation is successful.
  • Contact Fast Public Adjusters to see if you can claim for mold damage repairs as soon as you notice a problem.


  • Do not attempt to clean mold yourself using household detergents.
  • Never continue using affected home areas. (Spores and toxins resulting from mold can cause major health problems.)
  • Do not avoid scheduling remediation work. Mold will not go away by itself and can spread quickly.
  • Never continue to eat, drink, rest, or store clothes or consumable goods in affected home areas.
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What Is a Mold Insurance Claim?

South Florida is famous for year-round summer sunshine and high humidity.

Sadly, high-humidity, condensation, and damp make it easy for mold to take hold in any enclosed area. Good home ventilation, forced air heating systems, and air conditioning systems, are often enough to prevent mold outbreaks. However, if mold does take hold, your home can quickly become uninhabitable.

In many cases, residential mold outbreaks are the result of leaking pipes and damp in basements and crawl spaces. Mold also becomes more likely if your home is flooded during storms or as a result of backups in sewer lines.

When mold damage occurs as a result of flooding and sewer line backups, insurers will usually cover the cost of remediation. At fast Public Adjusters, we help you receive the maximum settlement possible for mold damage remediation. This being the case, if you are in the midst of an outbreak, make sure to reach out to one of our team today.

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What Happens When You Hire Fast Public Adjusters?

At Fast Public Adjusters, we can let you know quickly if we think we will be successful in settling mold damage insurance claims. We can also take care of the entire claim handling process for you.

  • After reaching out to one of our team, we will go over your existing home insurance policy in meticulous detail. This allows us to identify what conditions we will need to satisfy to ensure your claim is successful.
  • When we believe a claim will be successful, we will schedule a home visit where our adjusters will asses mold damage for themselves. 
  • Where mold is still present, we will connect you with a team of fully licensed and bonded South Florida mold remediation experts.
  • For mold damage claims to be successful, it will be necessary to prove to insurers that outbreaks were not reasonably preventable. We will, therefore, look at your past claim history and home maintenance records. 
  • If you have ever received a settlement for mold damage previously, our adjusters will check to make sure you received a fair payout.
  • After gathering evidence and assessing the likely cost of mold damage remediation, we will make claims on your behalf with your home insurer.
  • In every case, we provide insurers with a demand sum that we believe equals fair compensation for your claim. We will then negotiate on your behalf to ensure that you get the maximum payout possible.

Information We Need to Start The Claim Process

South Florida home insurers are fastidious when it comes to fine details. This being the case, the more information you can give us when we start our claim handling process, the faster we can settle. 

  • Policyholder information: After reaching out to Fast Public Adjusters, we will ask for all your insurance policyholder information. (Your name, your property address, your contact details, and your insurance policy number.)
  • Description of loss: It is vital that we provide insurers with a detailed description of the damage you are claiming for. This being the case, we will ask you for information pertaining to things like the exact date and time that mold damage to your property began to manifest.
  • Authority notification: We will require details of any public authorities that you have notified about mold outbreaks. (Health care workers, local Police and Fire Departments, etc.)
  • Emergency service companies & damage mitigation: If a contractor has already performed mold remediation work, we will need their details, as well as a clear breakdown of remediation costs.

Is mold in your South Florida home putting your health at risk? If so, don’t wait to start remediation work. Instead, reach out to Fast Public Adjusters today.

As soon as you do, we will help you engage with local mold remediation contractors, and start helping you navigate the insurance claim process.

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