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If you live in South Florida, having hurricane insurance is vital. Since recording began in 1851, there have been 97 major hurricanes in the United States, 40% of which have made landfall in Florida.

Even when hurricanes don’t make landfall, high winds and flooding can result in millions of dollars of damage to private property. Sadly some insurance companies attempt to limit coverage settlement amounts.

 At Fast Public Adjusters, we make sure that you receive the maximum settlement possible from South Florida home insurers. To do this, we fairly asses the scope of damage to your property. We then make sure that insurers abide by their obligations to compensate you fairly for the real cost of property repairs

Our Hurricane Adjusters Serve all of South Florida

At Fast Public Adjusters, we provide insurance claim handling support to property owners all across South Florida.

Whether you are based in Miami, Hollywood, or Fort Lauderdale, we can handle hurricane insurance claims on your behalf from start to finish. We also offer completely free, no-obligation hurricane damage assessments and insurance policy analysis.

In every case, we won’t start processing your claim until we are certain that a settlement is possible. We also inventory all damage to your property in meticulous detail. We can, therefore, ensure that you will receive a settlement that takes into full consideration everything from hurricane flood damage to subsequent toxic mold outbreaks.

Do you need to file a hurricane insurance claim? Alliteratively, are you unhappy with a previous hurricane insurance settlement? If so make sure to reach out to one of our team today.

Fast Public Adjusters are Hurricane Insurance Claim Experts

When filing hurricane insurance claims, the level of cover you are entitled to will depend on what provisions are outlined in your home insurance policy. For this reason, we start every claim process by combing over your policy in meticulous detail.

Later, our adjusters will visit your property to perform a thorough inspection of all damage.

Damage from hurricanes can include everything from structural damage to water and fire damage. It is, therefore, important that we asses your property carefully. We will also ask that you do not start scheduling home repairs until we have made our assessment.

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Hurricane Insurance Claims Do’s and Dont’s


  • When a hurricane strikes, make sure to shelter somewhere safe and secure your property by turning off the water, gas, and electricity.
  • When it is safe to do so, reach out to one of our team to start your claim process.
  • After a hurricane has abated, remove any wet contents from your home to reduce the risk of toxic mold outbreaks.
  • List all damaged or lost items along with purchase date and value and attach receipts.
  • As soon as it is safe to do so, make sure to photograph and video document all damage to your property.
  • If it is safe to enter your home, begin listing lost or damaged items. Make sure to also record the value of items, the time you purchased items, and gather together any purchase receipts.
  • Locate and secure your current home insurance policy.
  • Before using any water in your home for drinking, bathing, or cooking, make sure to confirm that doing so is safe with authorities.
  • When you restore power to your home, turn the power off immediately if you see sparks or find evidence of damaged wiring.


  • Never attempt to enter your property if it has suffered significant structural damage.
  • Do not attempt to enter your home if you smell gas.
  • Make sure not to touch low-hanging wiring or any connected electrical appliances.
  • Do not attempt to carry out repairs yourself, and do not call in local contractors until you have reached out to Fast Public Adjusting and we confirm (or not) that it is in your interest to do so.
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What Does Hurricane Insurance Typically Cover?

In the event of a hurricane, what is covered by your home insurer will depend on what provisions are outlined in your current home insurance policy.

This being the case, it is in your interest to invest in insurance that explicitly covers everything from flooding to major structural damage.

  • Hurricanes often result in flooding and the backing up of local sewer lines.
  • A home insurance policy should always provide coverage for mold outbreaks resulting from flooding.
  • Severe storms can cause major structural damage to properties.
  • Hurricanes can result in electrical fires and gas leaks. However, homeowners should always take reasonable steps to prevent fire damage, by turning off circuit breakers in advance of hurricanes.

Have you been affected by a recent hurricane? If so, the sooner you reach out to our team at Fast Public Adjusters, the faster we can secure a settlement you deserve.

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Why are We the Best Public Adjusters in South Florida?

At Fast Public Adjusters, we work for you, not your insurance company. This being the case, it is always in our interest to secure you the best settlement possible. We also have several years of experience settling insurance claims successfully after hurricanes and severe storms.

  • As soon as you engage with us, we will schedule a visit to your home, during which time former adjusters from top insurance firms will make a thorough assessment of all damage to your property.
  • Our team will investigate the history of your home and it’s previous state of repair. This way, we can precisely calculate the upcoming cost of repairs.
  • On request, we can asses previous insurance claims and settlements to ensure that you received fair compensation. If not, we can reopen claims for you.
  • We take care of the entire claim handling process. We will document all damage with evidence. Then we will issue a demand sum to your insurer on your behalf.

Your insurer may not accept our initial demand sum. However, we will always negotiate to get you the best settlement possible.

What Information do We Need to File a Hurricane Insurance Claim?

After a hurricane or severe storm, your entire world will seem upside down. However, the more information you can give us, the faster we can get you the settlement you deserve.

  • Policyholder information: To start any claim process, we will need your basic policyholder details. (Your name, insured address details, contact information, and ideally, a copy of your policy itself.)
  • Description of loss: Our adjusters will require a detailed description of all property damage, including the exact time that damage occurred.
  • Authority notification: We will require details of any authorities you have already notified. (Police, Fire Departments, etc.)
  • Emergency service companies & damage mitigation: You will need to provide us with the details of any third-party that has already helped mitigate damage to your property.

In South Florida, there is a 40% chance of your property suffering severe damage as a result of hurricanes. However, when disaster strikes, we can help you pick up the pieces.

To get the maximum settlement possible from your home insurer, reach out to Fast Public Adjusters today to start your claim process.