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Florida house fires are more common than you might think. Every day, emergency services teams across Florida respond to an average of 209 home and commercial property fires. Thankfully, fire damage insurance payouts will usually cover the cost of damage to both property and possessions.

At Fast Public Adjusters, we help you secure the maximum settlement possible for fire damage insurance claims. Our fire damage adjusters can also take care of the entire claim handling process for you.

Have you been affected by a recent house fire? If so, you may not know where to start when it comes to picking up the pieces. Thankfully, we do. This being the case, make sure to reach out to one of our team now to see how we can help.    

We are Fire Damage Insurance Experts

As a rule, it is never too early to start working with fire damage adjusters to start the insurance claim process.

When you reach out to our team at Fast Public Adjusters, we will quickly start working to see what kind of settlement you might be entitled to. We can also connect you with local fire damage restoration teams to restore full habitability to your property.

Serving homeowners right across South Florida, we will dispatch our adjusters to your home as soon as it is safe to do so. Once on-site, we will begin assessing all damage to your property with the help of former adjusters from some of South Florida’s leading insurance companies.

Unlike independent adjusters hired by insurance companies, we work for you. This means that we asses property damage fairly and petition insurers for fair and equitable settlements that will cover the cost of all repairs.

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Our No-Settlement, No-Fee Guarantee

House fires don’t just result in significant property damage to South Florida homes. Fires can also result in fatalities and the threat of you and your family having to seek alternative accommodation.

Because of high-stress that often follows a house fire, we streamline the claim handling process to make securing insurance settlements as hassle-free as possible.

  • At Fast Public Adjusters, we offer completely free fire damage insurance claim assessments.
  • If a claim for a settlement is not successful, you won’t pay us a penny for our services.
  • Free claim analysis.

To ensure that fire damage insurance claims are successful, our team at Fast Public Adjusters is also made up of several leading insurance industry professionals. 

  • Attorneys
  • Contractors
  • Loss Consultants
  • Estimators
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Appraisers

At Fast Public Adjusters, we can also use our expertise to reopen past fire damage insurance claims where you may not have received fair and equitable compensation.

Has a recent house fire left your world in disarray? If so, make sure to reach out to one of our team today to get a settlement you deserve.

Fire Damage DO’s and DONT’s


  • Never re-enter a property after a house fire until officials from your local Fire Department have advised that it is safe to do so.
  • Make sure to always clean your hands before and after touching fire and smoke damaged upholstery, walls, and woodwork.
  • Try and remove lingering smoke and odors by opening windows to ventilate properties.
  • Always photograph and video document all fire damage as soon as it is safe to do so.
  • If moving back into your home, make sure to immediately change your HVAC filter.
  • As soon as disaster strikes, call Fast Public Adjusters to start your claim process.


  • When reentering your home after firefighters have extinguished a fire, do not turn on light fixtures or mains connected appliances. (Wet wiring can cause a serious fire and safety hazard.)
  • Never attempt to clean upholstery, paintwork, walls, or furniture yourself. Instead, contact professional fire damage recovery experts.
  • Do not attempt to clean electrical appliances located close to fire-damaged home areas.
  • Never consume food or wear clothing that has been exposed to smoke.
  • Do not use any electrical devices until these have been professionally cleaned and verified as safe to use by a qualified electrician. 
house burning and fire damage

What Does Fire Damage Insurance Cover?

When dealing with claims for property damage resulting from fires, insurers classify claims as falling into two categories.

Insurers in South Florida classify Primary Fire Damage as damage resulting from flames. Typically, this means that anything combustible that perishes in a fire can be claimed for. 

By comparison, Secondary Fire Damage claims need to be filed for property effects damaged by smoke and toxic residues.

At Fast Public Adjusting, we help you prepare claims that will result in the maximum possible settlement for both Primary and Secondary forms of fire damage. We can also take care of the entire claim handling process for you from start to finish.

What Happens When You Work with our Fire Damage Adjusters?

​​At Fast Public Adjusters, we know how quickly house and commercial property fires can turn your world upside down.

This is why we work quickly to help you process insurance claims as fast as possible

  • As soon as you reach out to us, we will take the necessary information we need to start the claim process
  • Where it is necessary to carry out repairs quickly, we will connect you with a local fire damage restoration company.
  • As soon as it is safe to do so, we will send our fire damage adjusters to visit your property and start documenting all primary and secondary forms of damage.
  • With every claim, we will investigate the history of your property. If necessary, we will also reopen past claims if we feel that you were not paid a fair settlement.

What We Need to Start the Claim Process

As a rule, the more information you give us when starting the claim process, the faster we can come to a settlement. With all claims, we also need the following basic information:

  • Policyholder information: Meaning the name of the insured person, the insured address, your policy number, and your contact information.
  • Description of loss:  A thorough description of your loss, including the precise time when a fire started and how it was extinguished.
  • Authority notification: Details of any authorities you have already notified. (Police and Fire Departments, etc.)
  • Emergency service companies & damage mitigation: Details of any emergency services or damage restoration teams you have already reached out to.

Has a recent fire thrown your world into chaos? If so, our team at Fast Public Adjusters can help.

Get a free claim analysis now by reaching out to one of our team to start the claim process.