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At Fast Public Adjusters, we take care of settling insurance claims on your behalf, for the maximum settlement possible.

When disaster strikes, adjusters who work for your insurance company will do everything they can do downplay the severity of damage to save when it comes to insurance payouts. At Fast Public Adjusters, we do the opposite.

Our hurricane adjusters, fire adjuster teams, and water damage adjusters work for you. This being the case, we will asses the real cost of recovering your property, before petitioning insurers for fair and equitable settlements on your behalf.

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At Fast Public Adjusters, we are fluent in the legalese and terminology used by insurers. We also actively hire the best public adjusters in South Florida, many of whom have experience working for top local insurance companies.

Thanks to our insurance industry expertise, we can let you know upfront whether we feel that insurance claims will be successful. We can also let you know what level of cover you can expect to receive.

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We Take Care of all Claim Handling and Negotiating

Being fluent in the language insurers use when handling claims, allows us to pressure insurers to honor their obligations.

In some cases, insurance claims can be denied, just because you use the wrong terminology when filing claim applications. Insurers also know that people filing claims are often in high-stress situations.

At Fast Public Adjusters, we make sure that insurance companies don’t take advantage of your unfamiliarity with the claim process. We do this by taking care of all claim handling and negotiating for you.

We’re Experts When it Comes to Water, Storm, and Hurricane Damage Claims

When searching for “public adjuster near me” in South Florida, it is often difficult to find adjusters who specialize in specific property damage claims. Thankfully, we bring together South Florida’s very best water, fire, and hurricane adjusters.



  • Get expert assistance filing water damage claims.
  • Work with us to secure settlements for damage resulting from storms.
  • Connect with hurricane adjusters who can secure the maximum settlement possible after South Florida hurricanes.
  • Work with us the get the maximum settlement possible for Primary and Secondary fire damage insurance claims.

Get a Free, No-Obligation Claim Assessment

Filing property damage claims can be complicated and highly stressful for many people. Sadly, insurers often take advantage of this.

At Fast Public Adjusters, we get you the maximum settlement possible for home insurance claims. We do this by bringing together the best public adjusters in South Florida, to take care of your claim handling process from start to finish.

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We will handle your home as if it was our own. Insurance companies take advantage of home owners and we will not let that happen! Get your money today!


Let us help you keep providing jobs for the America that deserves it. Do NOT let a simple insurance claim slow you down! We handle every step of the process.


We will jump through all the hurdles and restrictions to represent boards and property managers that deserve the representation they deserve.


It is simple as us taking control of the situation and defending the money and rights that you have been paying for. We become your Super Hero in this story.